About Us


We’re Nadia and Shehzad, a Palestinian-Irish and Kashmiri-Canadian wife and husband. An art teacher and a financial analyst. We started DisOccupied.com in Feb 2024 to find and report on better alternatives to the corporations that have enabled the Occupation of Palestine.

The site has quickly grown to millions of users and thousands of brands in our database. To answer the demand for information coming from all over the world, we are now building an amazing app and updated website.

Fundraising to keep DisOccupied going has always been a challenge, especially with so many people in need and countless worthy causes to support. 

Trying to be resourceful, we've tapped into our family’s artistic talents to create these designs, and started this shop to help support our continued development.

Make sure to tag us on social media with your DisOccupied merch! (@disoccupied)